Thursday, February 21, 2013

Real Talkin Ep 3 Monday before GSL Qualifiers

Hey guys, just letting you all know swindle contacted me the other day and we will be doing another episode of Real Talkin on Monday before the Garena Star League qualifiers take off. Be sure to join us and leave any questions you'd like answered in the comments section!

Cheers :]


  1. Can you give us a time?

  2. Discussion of why mynuts accused sG of ghosting

    Comp players opinions on Pew switching sponsors constantly (good for scene/bad)

    Why TTES suck now? The fuck happened.


  3. How does swindle feel about being THE most hated player in the scene? Also How did they convince slickz to play with them? How and when did that happen? want details!!!

    love you phil

    1. controversial, not necessary hated

    2. swindle is not the most hated player idiot!

  4. Get Tralf as a co host!

  5. - sG still not sponsored
    - Who will get to Thailand with sG
    - Who wins Thailand event
    - Tralfamadore switching teams
    - Ghosting accusations
    - How to change the current meta game
    - Ttes's future in HoN
    - Complexity's future in HoN
    - Cocaster for Honcast
    - Adding stuff in HoN like Dust,TP Delay etc
    - DRAMA!

    Get co-hosts like Swindle, Mynuts, Tralf, Fittske, bkid, Franzii, Someone who works at S2 like Diva/DOGKaiser, Breaky, Beef, Brized.

    1. For the 1st one we already know the answer...
      Swindle told that the 2 major things a sponsor can provide are a gaming house or a salary (because S2 pays for every trip anyway).

      They already got the gaming house, and no sponsor gives a salary.
      So there is no point getting one.

  6. - Big balance changes waiting 6 (or w.e) months to be implemented when there are glaring issues
    - Lack of votekick now?
    - Hontour brackets being formulated that make us see the same teams play each other all of the time (I believe that they're based off of total points)
    - Why does sg actually pause for so long at the start of so many games

  7. Future heroes that might be viable in the competitive scene (translation: How good is Solstice?)
    Bad manners

  8. who better testie moon

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    1. Hallo, are you really the one who gave me an infraction because i said "learn another language"?
      Why do all the GD mods have such weird behavior if it comes to closing topics and giving infractions for things that are not meant to be offensive?

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  10. i want to know about what shenanigans go on at their miami house non hon related stuff they do, how they get along etc.

  11. sG questions:
    Why isn't sG scrimming since winning Garena ticket to Thailand?

    It seems really strange for a "gaming house" not to stream every day - probably why no sponsor I guess.... So... Why isn't anyone from sG streaming?

    sG would probably be undefeated if Skyzoe stayed instead of zfreek when Chessie finally joined the team. Is the team raging at zfreek when you lose? e.g. coL rinse-repeat ganks on Swindle Hag

    I like the innovative drafts Swindle has been creating, but why does it seem when the opponent counters the NEW favorite draft (e.g. mynuts blind bans fayde ophelia or bkid blind ban deadwood), Swindle doesn't know what to do?
    Is Swindle a "one trick pony" drafter, or is it because he is only good at a few heroes (e.g. Pharaoh hahaha) and must first pick his own hero in every single draft.

    sG is unable to make any more team changes without losing 20% of its points - is any other player worth losing 20% to finally get in front of TDM/coL?

    coL questions:
    coL scrims for 2 days and beat sG - how good will they be if they keep on scrimming? Should TDM be scared?
    Will coL be good enough to to beat TDM for Thailand?

    General drafting questions:
    Is it compulsory to have an invis hero (as no smoke) in any winning strat?
    Is any team going to man up and stop their towers being pushed early? Or impossible in current meta?


    1. 'Why isn't sG scrimming since winning Garena ticket to Thailand?'

      They have been you moron go check their recent played games they played 8 scrims in just one day at one point.

  12. How much of a faceroll will be the GSL for SG and TDM? S2 hero making:from absolutely awful to incredibly good and almost balanced, thoughts on the new heroes (Solstice,oogie,pearl,lodestone)?

  13. Where come from all the prizepool of HonTour ? We never see one sponsor. Only Gold coins purchased ?

  14. When will we see high level team and powerhouse from China/Korea and co. ? Also there is a lot of professional gaming organization which are not involved into HoN but in LoL and(/or)Dota2(*aAa*, Dignitas, EG, Liquid, etc...), why ?

  15. talk about Dota 2 no one cares about this game anymore.

  16. Tralfgoing bm and ragequiting

  17. Talk about high tier competitive teams over in Asia, why does it seem like it isnt as popular there, as in here.

  18. -Why is TDM apparently throwing in scrims?
    -Does Mynuts blind-ban weakly in scrims deliberately to work out the best blind-bans/draft for real games?
    -Rate each of the newer available heroes potential for hontour
    -sG in Miami - where is the tan?

  19. How to make the competitive discussion less shitty.
    call out Jeppins for being fucking obsessed with swindle to the point he even named his WoW characters after him.
    maybe discuss something about boosting accounts?

  20. #1 Tralf (his competitive future predictions)
    #2 iNsania -> Fittske (tdM after change)
    #3 sG as powerhouse (5 players living in same house)
    #4 Who will win qual #2 for GSL?
    #5 iNsania's new team.
    #6 HoN as a future eSport top game?

  21. If coL/TDM cannot co-cast, can you please have interviews with them.
    Not usual players - Complexity (ppd) and TDM (noobG)

  22. Real Talk should have an "Unreal Talk" speculation section:

    TDM on tilt - REALLY?
    >Maybe they sacrificed $2K to guarantee ticket/chance for $30K in Thailand. Worked out bkid draft/how Riser_ fits in the coL to crush them 2-0.

    Tralf as "JUNGLER" - REALLY?
    >Maybe he only ever wanted to replace Chessie in coL. Smeared his already poor name with OTP incident and coL said NOT TODAY.