Sunday, February 17, 2013

[OTP]Znoowy Real Talks Why Tralf Left OTP

Basically, Znoowy lays it all out on the table from the side of One Trick Pony. They key points he makes are:

1. Tralf began practicing/scrimming with OTP but they had poor performances even against mediocre teams.

2. Tralf practiced and played tournament matches (GSL with oo7 for instance) with other teams while he was supposed to be with OTP. This made OTP feel uncomfortable with him.

3. Tralf "apologized" to OTP and they got ready for Cycle 6.

4. OTP gets crushed by Mistral 2-0 leading to Tralf leaving the clan and Skype without even letting OTP know.

5. Tralf agrees to play for OTP to try and keep them from dropping to Gold, but only after the community begins to trash talk him.

6. OTP beats Clan Milk 2-1 in the Losers Bracket, but is forced to forfeit Losers Bracket Round 2 to QsQ because they aren't comfortable playing with Tralfamadore and can't add a member to their roster during a cycle.

7. Znoowy posts on the forums stating that OTP's future is uncertain and that they will take this week to figure out if they want to continue on as a team.


  1. morale of story: dont pick someone cause they used to be good bu is more racist than hitler. thats why tdM didnt go all the way under tralf's leadership. shoutout to nova!

  2. is tralf our idra?

  3. Tralf isn't even close to Idra. Don't insult Idra like that.

  4. inb4 tralf comes up with some apology post and everyone forgets this, untill he leaves the next team he joins after losing a few games.

  5. Offtopic:

    I actually like Tralf. All this drama about him (aswel as any other person I like) doesnt really effect my feelings about that person.
    (Confession bear picture).

  6. i wouldn't put tralf on my team if i was in the gold division, dude is the nut low.

  7. Is it just me or does Znoowy's post come across as completely biased? I mean Tralf did these guys a huge favor by playing with them and now they're gonna hate? That's fucked up. Much respect to Tralf for handling it like a professional and not dragging anyone's name through the dirt.

  8. How exactly did he do them a favor?

    - OTP finished 3rd in Cycle 5 without Tralf.
    - They're one of 7 teams to never fall out of diamond, the other 6 being tdM, sG, coL, QsQ, Lions, TteS.

    IMO this was OTP doing Tralf a favor, letting him join one of the better teams in the scene.
    Arguably the team "would" be better with Tralf's drafting skills, his game knowledge, his own skills versus Streufutter...

    Unfortunately he's a 27 year old bum who lives of his girlfriend, and whom still is as childish as an immature 20 year old. In fact, he's one of the oldest players in the scene, yet one of the most immature. I guess that is what happens when you hang out being the "cool" kid, amongst kids. Being a 27 year old "hanging out" with 15-20 year olds gotta suck.

    That said, his skills are definately there, but is he really a leader?.
    Has everyone forgotten how bkid overtook the role as drafter? How Moon, bkid and Tralf would get into shouting matches in scrims? Or how PPD - during the short period he was there - also got into those same shouting matches.

  9. Have you been living under a rock? Tralf is an all-American success story about a man with no real education making it big-time and eventually becoming the best player a game has ever seen. OTP should be proud they got to play with him.

    And "living off his girlfriend"? You mean the beautiful woman who Tralf single-handedly supported by shoutcasting HoN to thousands of fans until like? Yeah, considering the fact that his last paycheck from S2 isn't even in the mail yet, I'd call that a stretch.

  10. I'm not a fanboy or a hater but Tralf is making it really hard not to be questioning what he's doing.
    Tralf made a fucking joke of himself after he played with OTP.
    He's currently living under a rock, avoiding everyone and everything surrounding it.
    He's waiting till the right time, the time when another shitfest happens so he can make a forum post saying the same shit that everyone will believe except for Phil because he's a hard motherfucker that won't let anything go.
    We'll forget about it because honestly, who the hell cares.
    He's let his fans down more then once but they still cheer for him.
    I for one think Tralf should just stop when he still has some fucking reputation to his name.
    He never had any creditability as far as I'm concerned.
    He throws tantrums all the fucking time and waits a week to sort it out, just so he can feel welcomed.
    It's the same as girls do when they want attention on Facebook. Fishing for compliments.

  11. who better testie moon

  12. I actually feel bad for tralf's GF lisa. One might say that this is just a game and it doesn't say anything about who you really are IRL and I highly disagree. While we all know tralf is a 2faced cunt online, he is probably a quiet and reserved kid IRL who's really adept at hiding his personality. His gf is going to find out sooner or later the hard way who he really is.