Sunday, February 17, 2013

Any More Posts About Tralf And He's Getting His Own Blog...

Man, its hard to write about a topic that, for once, Leyst has let linger for more than 2 posts. Even the first sentences of this article eluded me for a good five minutes. I guess the best thing to do here is to get into the nitty gritty, down to brass tacks, straight to business. So here we go again...

Well, I can't say that I'm surprised. Hell, anyone reading this blog probably isn't very surprised either. Tralfamadore is in the public eye once again, this being my 3rd post about him in the month of February alone (any more and I might have to start a blog just for him!) The reason he is the talk of the town once more is due to the drama surrounding his recent departure(??) from One Trick Pony (OTP) after just one HoN Tour match.

Tralf played vs Mistral Gaming in HoN Tour Diamond division for OTP and ended up getting crushed 2-0. This lead to Tralf quitting the team in between the Winner Bracket and Loser Bracket, which basically forced OTP down to Gold. After the public backlash, Tralfamadore agreed to play the losers bracket match vs Clan Milk (CM) however he refused to log into voice chat and played pretty sloppily in game one, going for early Alchemist Bones into Helm of the Black Legion then finished off with a Genjuro. Luckily for OTP, CM decided to let Xibbe have Chipper both in both games 2 and 3, leading me to believe that Milkfat asked CM to throw to allow OTP to stay in Diamond while cursing the name of Tralfamadore under his breath. Game 3, Tralf played Silhouette and dominated but so did the rest of OTP.

Forums have exploded with flame against Tralf in this thread. There are a few posts there that try to offer explanations and mitigation for how he behaved, but the majority is against him/his actions. I will pull a few out that stuck out to me.

I loved the beginning of this post. I think the analogy is so spot on. Unfortunately the post ends up feeling completely disingenuous after the first paragraph, like a father who wasn't part of their child's life trying to offer up some personal advice. Oh well, good analogy.

Innerspike posted this. Probably the best post in the actual thread.

None of this post makes any sense, or adds any value to the forum post, but I added it because it shows how completely asinine some people are, posting just to post. By the way, GanbaruJapan is probably the single dumbest poster in any thread he posts in, including this one. Just putting that out there.


  1. GanbaruJapan is someone who likes to think he knows what he's talking about but in reality he has as much sense as 1200 mmr pubtrash and is in touch with reality just as much as someone with alzheimers, dementia and amnesia. All at once.

  2. 3rd quoted post seems fair, Hon Tour was announced October 4, Tralf joined Honcast in July 14, so that gives about 3 months of Tralf helping before it was announced. Also, notice since Tralf joined a lot of the stupid 'problems' with Honcast have gone away, like how almost every broadcast was riddled with problems like lag or microphones not being on, or endless bad mistakes.

    No, I don't credit Tralf for solely fixing those problems as the new HONCAST staff/studio was a major part, I am just saying Tralf oversaw one of the biggest revitalization's of the HON comp scene, going from basically COL being the only real team, to COL, TDM, LIONS, SG, TTES, QSQ all being significant. Tralf surely had some role in this happening.

    So, in short, yes I think it was ass from Tralf to leave OTP and possibly screw them over a season, but don't forget the contributions he did make and OTP not having any extra players is their own fault.

    1. My goal is not to diss Tralf, not at all. My goal is to accurately educate all my readers.

      That being said, my issue with the quoted post, and yours, is that it is 100% wrong. Tralf should be praised for revitalizing Honcast for spectators. He truly turned Honcast around 180 degrees after watching Zyori and Breaky throw up abysmal numbers.

      I would like for you to explain your reasons for believing that Tralf had any more impact than say... Jesse the IT guy at S2, when it comes to the technical quality and production value at Honcast, or the stabilization of HoN's competitive scene. Before you start typing, remember that you're going off assumptions; where as I am going to refute most of your post based on on-site experience. Feel free to send me a PM on the forums if you wanna keep it private.

    2. not the same poster but i can offer an explanation for what he wrote and that is you are fat and gay and probably got sacked from s2 just in time before you went postal (as is coded into your DNA - because you look like breivik)

  3. who better testie moon