Thursday, February 7, 2013

HoN Tour Season 2 Speculation

Woah woah woah, calm down Phil. Talking about Season 2 already? Season 1 hasn't even finished. Yea, it might be a little early to call anything out, but with Milkfat and co already confirming there will be a Season 2, I figured I'd get a little bit of a jump on things. I haven't seen any information about Season 2, so if anyone has anything please post in the comments.

So, I want to first talk about what I proposed for the future when I was working at the office. Not for Season 2, but for the future of HoN Tour.

HoN Tour World Tour

The idea behind the World Tour was to get involved with each of the regions, and pitch HoN Tour to them. So LA, CIS, and SEA would each run their own version of HoN Tour. Either using the same format as INT or using their own method, whatever they wanted to do. Then you would take the Top 4 teams from each region and make a huge 16 team tournament where each region threw in money, say $250,000 for a grand total of $1,000,000. Like DOTA 2's International, only without the biased invites.

What else could HoN/S2 do?

Well, look at what is currently in the works. You got the Garena Star League and now CIS has announced show matches between CIS and EU INT teams. What this says to me is that the partners are getting more invested in promoting their eSports alongside the NA/EU client. Maybe the Star League will be the beginning of a series of LAN arrangements? Similar to what League of Legends has been doing by having a series of LANs at upcoming venues. S2 recently announced with the departure of Tralfamadore that they are looking for a new co-caster that there are plans to attend events like PAX East, PAX Prime and others. There are MANY video game conventions that are held throughout the year where tournaments are possible. HoN has had events at Quakecon, GamesCOM, PAX, DreamHack and then add in things like the Insomnia Series in the UK and the Thailand Game Show, Brazilian Game show etc. There could be something like an 8 stop LAN Tour. Sounds expensive, so if this were the case, S2 would almost HAVE to partner with at least Garena, if not other organizations. Hell, maybe this will be the year we see HoN @ MLG? Who knows.

What about you guys? What kinds of format changes would you like to see if any?


  1. i think your idea of a hontour world sounds really good.
    but i also think a 3vs3 tournement could be fun.

  2. who better testie moon

  3. Too bad s2 completely stunted the comp scene growth by splitting all the regions. I honestly cant see LA/CIS throwing in a large sum of money like $250k to watch their teams get stomped in a tournament because they have poor experience with INT/SEA teams.

  4. After hearing HoN Tour Season 2, what do u know about the huge gameplay changes incoming between the cycles? Except the rumours of TP changes and others to promote more aggressive gameplay :p

    Any inside info !? :]

  5. I don't see HoN getting on MLG before DotA2 does, also with a $1,000,000 prize pool with only.. 25k viewers? I don't see why.

    1. publicity, obviously

      HoN has been improving A LOT lately. Both in the comp. scene and in other ways (3.0 stuff) and really it just needs more players now. Trying to get more players into HoN should be a priority now, just after the release of 3.0 and a tournament with a huge price pool will spark interest.

      In addition though, S2 should try to get LoL players into HoN somehow. I think with 3.0 this has become feasable (I let some players try HoN out again and they said it was a lot easier to get into now)

      @ Phil: Some way to get teams into silver/gold faster after the initial qualifier so that bronze/silver do not suffer as much from newly set up teams of a higher tier.

      And a balance patch after half of all cycles may be a good thing, if neccesary you can always have a 'break' week where competitors can get used to the changes. I do not think HoN is yet at the stage where S2 can afford to wait this long with balance changes. Then again, not fixing heroes like Solstice that aren't able to be picked in hontour anyway is just weird to me ^^ (but that may be on the way)

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  8. Lost your fucking job a fucking year ago and you are still butthurt about it? Fucking move on with your life fat shit

  9. it seems stupid to throw a million at a tournament without considering where it's coming from.

    valve has been using (a small fraction of) their advertising budget.

    if you're looking for hype, then you could just as easily have each region throw $25k and make it a $100k tournament. hell, even a 50k grand prize tournament looks amazing considering that only dota 2 and lol are the ones to throw out the big bucks.

    this is why you were fired.

  10. HonTour Season 2 is going to be International. MilkFat said it on the HonCast Podcast 2/9/2013 at around the 53-54 minute mark.