Thursday, February 14, 2013


As everyone already knows, Tralfamadore has left S2 Games of his own accord to support his girlfriend's decision to accept a job in Vancouver, BC, CA. Preceding this announcment, we talked a bit about Tralfamadore scrimming under the name "StarStuffing" with OTP. Since then it seems like some things may have changed. While this post is mostly speculative, I have had competitors and people who claim to be close to Tralfamadore bring up some information.

This thread from the forums shines light on the clan We Are Spies (oo7) adding a "surprise 7th" to the roster. This person is listed as a T9oly. A forum goer decided to look into the post history of this account and found some interesting things.

Places Tralf on his All Star Team roster after his performance at Dreamhack Winter 2011

Asks for Tralf to be placed on the list of streamers!&p=15054109&highlight=#post15054109

T9Oly calls S2 Games a "complete joke of a company" who "failed to pay out a $100 prize from King of the Hill." This was 3 days after Tralf posted his goodbye post on Reddit back in April.

This post calls out all of tdM "except Tralf" for doing poorly in performances. The main culprit being Diablo 3. The post directly criticizes Moonmeander for feeding and questions why Bkid should be drafting over Tralf

Nothing interesting, just a report of the bootcamps of teams. Information leads one to believe it's coming from someone who is on site for the bootcamps.

The entire "new" tdM (coL) roster (tralf, franzzii, hax, bkid, moon)

Meh, just a post about tdM beating fnatic in a scrim

Same thread but this time calls out Zfreek for his poor performances at Dreamhack Summer 2012

The thread is about how tdM loses to fnatic in a scrim, and T9Oly defends tdM by saying "This is exactly what I knew would happen. When Tralf was still in tdM - they scrimmed Fntc and beat them, and then it was "well they never play Hon and had a ringer!!". Now, it's "HAHA you lost and they don't even play HoN!" Retarded fanboys."!&p=15569531&viewfull=1#post15569531

This is a post from Tralf explaining that the person in question is actually his former roommate and he used the account to sign up for oo7 because he wasn't sure which team he was going to play for. Tralf, on T9Oly, played for oo7 during the SB Qualifiers while still on OTP's roster as StarStuffing. In fact, up until a couple days ago, both T9Oly and StarStuffing were on HoN Tour rosters at the same time.Now, from these threads we can devise one of two things:

1. This person is actually Tralf. Talking about himself in the 3rd person and bashing on other competitors and  his own teammates of the time.


2. This person is Tralf's biggest fanboi and former roommate.

Neither would actually surprise me.

Also, the reason Leyst locked the thread was because it was "really insensitive towards Tralf considering what happened to him just recently." Can anyone explain what happened to Tralf that posting about him possibly fluffing himself is "really insensitive?"

I dunno, the whole thing is funny to me. What do you guys think?


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  2. LMAO nice catch phil, this is some crazy shit!

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  4. Leyst is the biggest scumbucket of all time on the HoN forums. Not even Kolapz was as big of a nazi as Leyst is when it comes to closing threads for inane reasons.

    1. Ekamo is 10 times worse such a faggot abusing moderator power.
      Hope he'll get his sorry ass check soon.

  5. who better testie moon

  6. That thread only got closed because Leyst is a moron.

    I can understand Tralf not locking himself into OTP since they are EU and he is gonna be west coast NA. He hasn't played any hontour games with OTP yet, so I don't see a huge deal either way. The sub account stuff is shady though for sure.

  7. No one gives a shit, that leyst kid is almost as fucking stupid as you are. Get your ass off your chair and get some sunlight you pale fat fuck.

  8. Architiger confirmed 2 days ago that Tralf was on their team

  9. Leyst is an idiot lol

  10. WELL, some drama happened tonight. OTP got smashed by OTP 2-0, and it seems that this made Tralf leave, then join them again for the rest of the cycle. Pretty fun !

  11. Tralf is a cool guy but yeh the stuff he does sometimes doesn't seem to be healthy.. the whole Swindle bullshit etc. It's kinda sad.

    I like that he quits his job to be with his girl tho :)

    I don't know how much of this is real :/...

    If this is true, col better keep distance from him.... and tralf if you're reading this and above is true... plz stop being such a douche and try to make friendships. you're defining your personality as we speak, what's the point of trying to be right if you end up like this

    Phil or whoever posted this, you would be a good journalist but this ain't healthy either. :/

    Not sure if gossip in HoN is a good thing.

    cheers, phil, great guy btw :)

  12. Conveniently "roommate's" account because he knows of Breaky's special powers first-hand.

  13. Here's some things you can add.

    [QUOTE=Sqin;15576484]After talking to Xibbe: Tralf left OTP after losing the first game. He bought items on Tempest, sold them, bought a refresher, used it then sold it and kept sighing at them angrily on skype. He then didn't rejoin Skype. He decided to play with them so they wouldn't have to drop down to Gold but OTP will now be FFing their LB 2nd round game.

    Streufutter was their original player who left because of real life commitments. They can't have a ringer/add anyone til the next cycle so therefore have to wait until the next cycle to do anything.

    tl;dr Tralf left because he was annoyed about losing and refused to talk to them.[/QUOTE]

    [QUOTE=Snoopy;15576485]I'm not going to post anything about what was said, but here are the matchID's

    111171225 g1
    111177405 g2
    111179649 g3[/QUOTE]!-Tralf-LEAVES-OTP/page4

  14. Shady (when he was bashing his own team), but I feel for the guy. Must be annoying to be in the spotlight and have to post everything "politically correct" all the time. Must feel nice to sign on an anon account and say whatever the fuck he wants every now and then.

  15. Is ANYBODY surprised? Anybody who has queued with tralf or has played with him knows this is nothing surprising. He is nothing short of 2-faced. He will smack talk every pub but almost never tries to confront people he knows. He is as shady as they come and perhaps bipolar.

  16. Damn, Tralf has some serious issues. Poor guy.

  17. Guys, Guys, Guys, You're missing on clues and not seeing the big picture here. Tralf decision to work for S2 was probably worst of his life and he corrected it by leaving them prematurely. Leaving S2 to play HoN competitively is as absurd as him joining a random team from europe.

  18. i bet T9Oly is Tralf's mom

  19. didn't ready anything but saw out of corner of my eye "Leyst is a moron" and had to re-post it.

  20. Did some one else notice that the account T9oly only played 4 games, and thats after Tralf started using the account.. scrimming with 007 and other tmm matches. But i cant understand.. If youre going to borrow a account from a friend.. your not going to say "hey. your stats sucks. So i decided to use my own money to do a stat reset for you. so i can look good when im scrimming".. Another thing, i watched Tralf stream, and i did see the probably 15 sub accounts in the list.. Why would you not use a sub account? maybe because people will reconize him. But why in the world would he use his friends account? why not just make a new one? im 100% sure that T9only is Tralf, why? Who the hell would just give a stat reset to a friend.. its like trowing a cake in theire face.. "hey you, ill pay the stat reset for you, just get those horrible stats away from me"