Sunday, March 3, 2013

I don't usually mind fanbois but man...

It's getting REALLY fucking annoying on the forums and twitch chat recently. Let's talk about a couple of things that have been discussed:

1. Swindlemelonzz vs Emperor

So we did Real Talkin' (thanks to the 2800+ viewers that tuned in) a few days ago and I brought up the fact that despite ten years passing since AngryTestie got caught cheating in StarCraft: Brood War, people still try to use it against him like it's some sort of badge of shame he must endure his entire life. This began a completely off topic discussion/argument between Swindle and Emp that became relatively convoluted due to both parties talking at the same time. The topic of the discussion doesn't really matter, and both parties brought up both valid points and biased points. But it was how the fans of AngryTestie reacted on the forums and in Twitch chats that really needed to be addressed. People were heading to the forums and defending Testie's honor or just straight up flaming Swindlemelonzz including making absolutely absurd claims like saying: Testie is a better player than Swindle, Swindle is a terrible drafter/player, Testie could have NEVER cheated (despite the fact that it'd been proven and he admitted it long long ago), and that Testie is one of the most humble players in HoN.

Let me provide a reality check for you guys, none of that shit is accurate; ESPECIALLY the last statement. I would concede that Testie is one of the most demure players in HoN, but certainly not one of the most humble. Testie has an extremely high opinion of himself as a gamer, he's stated many times that his believes his track record speaks for itself in both SC:BW and HoN. He's stated many times that he has nothing left to prove to himself and nothing to prove to anyone else about his gaming abilities. This is not how humble people think. Testie looks at himself as one of HoN's all-time premiere players, and if you asked him, I bet he would tell you the same, because Testie is about as humble as he is prone to lying/bullshitting.

2. Moonmeander post GSL Qualifier Two

Man, I really like Moon and I sincerely hope this doesn't affect our friendship, but your fans are getting out of control. I can understand being upset or even sad about missing out on an opportunity to travel to Thailand. Not necessarily because he just want to go to Thailand (which is badass btw, I've been there twice myself) but because HoN is one of, if not the biggest game(s) in Thailand. The way Korean's approach SC2, the way the western world approaches League of Legends, that's how Thailand looks at HoN. It's massive there. So yea, for Moon I can understand being upset about not going. What I can't understand is the idiotic fanbois that Moon has talking about how "Moon deserved to go to Thailand" or "coL deserved to go to Thailand" or "sG will win it all now because tdM is full of chokers and coL would have been better"

Man... shut the fuck up. You know who deserved to go to Thailand? Trademark eSports. Why? Because they beat coL. They beat them 2-0. When I asked one fanboi about why Moon deserved to go over any of the other 65 players who weren't already going or part of coL's roster they said "well Moon loves HoN and he put his whole heart into winning GSL." Oh man.... he really wanted to go? Well shit, might as well send him.. I'm sure no one else REALLY wanted to go...oh wait... everyone else wanted to go. What kind of dumbass reason is that?

While we're on the topic, people seem the be getting the impression that I am a "coL hater" which makes NO fucking sense because if it weren't for me at the time, coL wouldn't even be involved in HoN. I would have loved to seen Complexity at Thailand and the HoN team to represent their organization well there. Let' me be clear here.. I don't hate Complexity. I don't even dislike any of their players (Franzzii might be the exception but that's mostly because the guy is a slimy turd who bans me from the ComplexityHoN chat whenever I get unbanned, and acts like a whiny douche in game) and have had great relationships with them since before I even worked for S2. I call them out like I do because I expect them to be better than they are. I expect the team that was #1 for 6 months straight in 2012 to not have 8th place finished in HoN Tour cycles. That's not being a "coL hater". That's someone who looks at teams and the scene through an experienced, if not somewhat jaded at times, perspective; looking at a teams history and asking "what happened?" The sooner people learn the difference the sooner I can stop wanting to punch my own eyeballs when I read the forums/twitch chat.


  1. Phil - Why bother with blogging about 'Swindlemelonzz vs Emperor' when it sounds like any another forum post in the 8 pages of vomit?
    I can't understand continuing this bullshit based on what "fans of AngryTestie" say. It looks bad for you - let it go!

    Swindle lost control of himself talking over Emperor, and should rename the show if others aren't allowed to "Talk".
    Please grow up Swindle and learn to listen to what others say; ESPECIALLY if you are supposed to be the host.
    I hope that isn't how you talk within your team, otherwise Hontour Season 2 maybe sG without you.

    Moon needs to remember why Chessie left!
    Chessie wanted to be in a team that is committed to being the best.
    If Complexity was consistently practicing etc. Moon would probably be going to Thailand.
    Still a lot of money in other competitions Moon - get your shit together!

  2. It's an accurate post, yet a bad one. Really, this has nothing to say. For all we care we visit the forums for ourselves

  3. phil youre just jealous. u got kicked out of S2. move along now u neet...

  4. Phil I haven't really been a fan of yours, but I have to agree with this post, especially the 2nd part. It's just getting really really annoying how Moon's fanboys are getting out of control. I love Moon, I think he's a really funny and a great player, but lets be honest here...sG and tdM were clear winners and they won it fair and square. I don't know about tdM but I know sG had been scrimming and practicing alot, and now they have all moved into the "powerhouse", it just shows that they are more committed to HoN than any other team.

    Its sad but the truth is, you get from what you put in. If others put in the effort, of course they'll deserve and earn it. Moon's fans needs to realise that and support their idol through this struggling period, not just blindly giving excuses. That won't help your idol at all.

  5. This just in: HoN has fanboys and forum trolls. Oh and they are idiotic and irrational, shocker.

  6. Who better testie moon

  7. I can't even read the HoNcast chat during broadcasts because it is so full of spam.

    S2 really needs to address this type of spam both in the forums and during HoNcast if they want this game to expand.

    I think CoL has been on the decline ever since Moon went to Europe before dreamhack, and that was right after they were crushing and he was living in the CoL gaming house.

    Good points Phil

  8. I don't like the attitude of most forum posters at all. Criticism or cheerful comments are immediately flamed as fanboy/hater posts. Its really strange because usually this black and white way of thinking is usually something younger people do, but in my opinion HoN has a pretty "old" community in terms of MOBA games, that is why I am confused.
    Another frustrating thing is the approach to certain games on honcast: When an upset victory occurs, there is only one reaction: the favorite played bad. Never, in the entire hontour coverage, have I seen somebody pointing out big plays from the underdogs. Its always "moon throws the game, bkid fails at DW, Haxx should leave coL, swindle throwing game 1, mynuts get outdraftet, you probably read those posts already) That might actually be because of Tralf, who prefered to critizise bad plays rather than pointing out good ones. That is a fair approach for professional players, but inexperienced players get the impression that Wins/Loses only rely on enemy mistakes.

    Last thing is the whole swindle thing. I have much sympathy for swindle, he is very direct, has a positive attitude and he can deal with the hate he is getting for provoking players. That being said, he acted totally immature on the podcast. He clearly had a point over emperor because, on a rational base, he was totally correct. Testie is not humble, Testie is in fact talking shit about swindle and, if that specific lane occured (testie stated that he never had pooled regen) then its totally correct to give teste shit for playing bad. As swindle stated, he also flames his teammates if they fail in a lane they should dominate. However, swindle started to get really loud, did not let emperor finish talking and got really defensive. Plus he ended on a very bad note (he still is a maphacker. I know that was supposed to be funny, but it didnt fit at all)

  9. Good post, first post I've even read about Swindle vs Emp because I had no desire reading about how much the community hates Swindle, We already know that. I found it funny as fuck on the Real Talk stream but, I knew this was going to get blown way out of proportion. Guess what? It did, now something that was just awkward and funny became a huge load of shit because that's what the HoN community does. Turn gold to shit.
    Well made post as always. Good points and some real talk. Keep it up Phil.