Monday, March 18, 2013

HoN Forums: They are complete shit

A few months ago everyone was up in arms about Leyst moderating the forums super strictly. Now, I understand some of the complains because there was all kinds of shit getting locked that didn't need to be. But how is it these fucking morons like RO_PRO_KID and BR_PRO_KID are allowed to continue making threads. No one wants to go to the forums anymore because it just gets flooded with hundreds of retards making multiple threads about the same shit, starting topics about clans disbanding when they have lose a single game, and all kinds of morons "confirming" things (which is akin to planking on the forums).

Today I missed the coL vs tdM matchup so I wanted to check the forums to win. What did I find? People arguing about Haxxeren's ability to farm 680 gpm on Armadon. sG vs QsQ scrim topic: cool what happened? Oh nothing about the actual game in here folks, just talking about how sG is disbanding while TheRetardMikey "confirms" and offers some 9 year old shitkid fake explanation. I truly miss the days of old CD when forum trolls just got outright banned. When people had to have all their topics approved before they would go up on the forum.

Milkfat/Chavo/S2/Whoever. I will moderated every topic that comes to CD and approve every post. I will do it for free. Please, consider it, so that we may end the reign of dipshits on the only subforum I read.


    jokes aside.. Im actually banned on BR_PRO_KID(because posted this picture so its not because of the stupid posts..) but I dont see how the other trolls are not and why they are allowed to keep on doing threads and stupid posts. It doesnt mean that they aint trolls just because they write with good english.

  2. Listen Phil you small son. I am RO_PRO_KID, and I am not a moron. I will not speak for BR_PRO_KID, maybe he is a moron, but don't you fucking dare calling me out on your blog. You've made the most ridiculous speculations in HoN forums of time, just to take an example, you said tdM were playing dead before the big tournaments to discredit Pew from their huge success. Sometimes you have to face reality, tdM are not going to win every single game, they are not the best. You need to adapt to today and not live in the past where you saw tdM win Dreamhack.

    No wonder you got fired from S2 and banned on Twitch, you're legitimately a dumbfuck 30+ years old guy who still lives in his moms basement thinking he's a pro Legionnaire player in HoN, who was lucky to get on Honcast next to famous BreakyCPK. Everytime I saw you on Honcast with Breaky, I immediately closed the stream because your insight was the worst competitive insight I ever heard. I have to admit that there are worse casters though, like FJ and RAAWRR, but you're down there man, you're down there with them.

    Man up and start posting your thoughts on the forum like I do, hiding behind a blog because you're afraid of unbiased opinions is almost as pussy as you can be.


  3. so phil, stop being so mad and bitter, we all know you are raging because you got kicked from twitch. i was clearly being sarcastic about sg disbanding because op was stupid enough to troll that sg disbands for losing two scrims to qsq. if you couldnt catch the sarcasm, id suggest going back to school and taking up engrrrrish, might be helpful for your blogging/casting/whatever career you are going for.




  6. I like how the only idiots that are commenting on this are the mad shitkids that ruin the forums. You are cancer and everyone knows it.. so try to stick up for yourselves but the truth is youre fucking retarded and your posts are at the IQ level of hellen keller.. especailly themikey.. youre a fucking shitty player and an even worse forum troll. As for the Pro_Kids, honestly they arnt even that bad atleast even though i feel as if they are trolling they still make topics that are "trying" to be productive.

  7. Who better testie moon

  8. I feel Phil will commit suicide after reading these comments.

  9. Seriously Phil, you are a grown up man probably around 35 years old. You got fired and you spend your time harassing your last employer? Do you think that this kind of attitude plays in your favor? If I was a Human Resource in an organisation where you applied and I do a background check on you, the stuff I'd see on this blog would discredit you. I would turn your application down immediately.

    If you were writing things that are backed up with sense and fact then I would thumb up and move on but the 'fact' that you brings are merely random rants. Everything you write are just rant backed by nothing. Stop being butt hurt at the fact that S2 no longer wants you, move on with dignity instead of throwing yourself in mud like this.

    Hell, why would you even go to HoN forum and make post JUST to link to THIS post of yours? This just further shows your cowardrice and the fact that you have no balls to stand for what you say. You know very well that you would recieve a crazy amount of flame for posting wall of shit like you did above and you prefer to take refuge in your own blog. I don't know whether you have some kind of fan base here but obviously none of them are here to support your right now.

    Stop making a fool of yourself, be professional.

  10. That arrow was for the post before the one above.. My mistake, ignore it.

  11. These forums are total garbage and S2 doesn't seem to give a damn thing about what is happening there. You can go with a thread like: "Testie joining sG instead of Slickz", one person "confirms" and bunch of other dumb-fucks will just agree.
    This is pathetic.


    1. man,so much this.

      btw, i can confirm that testie joining sG to replace slickz.

  12. fuck, you guys are stupid. I completely agree with phil in this one. Seriously, CD lately is just full of shitty retarded topics and posts and i would rather have half of the posters banned if that means I can actually read about competitive discussion in the sub-forum made for it.

    and who the fuck cares if he got banned from twitch or fired from S2, just fucking read what he says and agree or disagree WITH THE TOPIC, I'm seriously tired of you guys bringing that shit up every time he writes something.

    "Hell, why would you even go to HoN forum and make post JUST to link to THIS post of yours?"
    maybe because his opinion on most topics is stated in this shitblog? do you really need a fucking copypaste? so hard is to fucking click? you are supposed to post your opinion on a forum, you facefucked retarded haters.

    and keep doing this shiet. I'm pretty sure a lot of people read it and get it.

  13. RO_PRO_KID For president

  14. I don't think that they would let you moderate but I really hope that they do... Might incite some actual real discussion on the forums and maybe inspire some people to be intelligent with what they're posting.

  15. TheMikey, while very trolly and probably 14 years old, still comes across as more intelligent than the average poster in CD. That's a good sign that the forums are in trouble.

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