Thursday, December 27, 2012

Coming back in the New Year

Hey Guys,

Yes, again it's been a lengthy hiatus since my last post. Ya know, between the Holidays and the consistency of HoN Tour it's been kinda hard to be mad at S2 or any of the players.

I've got a few leads on a story about Tralfamadore supposedly abusing his powers and Limmp and some other people trolling Swindlemelonzz, but frankly none of it has really been that interesting.

I'm sure a lot of you have seen me streaming a lot more often, you can visit me @ if you want. But you've also seen me trolling a lot of streams as well.

Frankly, when I first started this blog I never thought it would really take off, but the amount of hits it still gets even with no updates is a definite sign that people want to hear not only what I think, but what topics are hot in Heroes of Newerth. So I have decided the following:

I will return to what it once was: a place for users to submit content they feel needs to be talked about. I will not censor it, I will only edit it for grammar and post it in my own words. I want to do that because some of you couldn't write your way out of a 5th grade English class and one thing I will not compromise on is correct grammar!

Please, submit any and all gossip/drama/whatever! to

Happy Holidays and let's get it HoN!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Real Talkin Episode 2 Feedback

Hey guys,

So it's been awhile since I posted anything at all on this blog, and frankly it's because there is very little worth being passionate about in HoN at the moment. I feel like we're at the point where S2 isn't really doing anything worth being upset about (other than maybe the Australian thing but Aussies need to realize they make up about 7% of the population in HoN Tour, and S2 needs to cater to the vast majority in this instance) and the teams in HoN are pretty stable.

So I figured the best thing to do until we get something worth talking about is to leave a place here for people to post uncensored feedback and comments for the Real Talkin Podcast I am a member of with Swindlemelonzz and mynuts. Similar to how the old Honcast podcast let you post your feedback in the comments section, except here you can be completely anonymous.

The VOD can be found here:

It's nearly 2 hours long but has some solid discussion from everyone. Special guests this week are Breakycpk from S2/Honcast and DawZ from Trademark eSports' Administration team.